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Terms and conditions concerning flights in hot air balloons

Our obligations towards you are:

The online reservation gives you the right to take part in a hot air balloon flight the date the reservation was made for and this includes:
Preparing and inflating the balloon
The flight itself in a hot air balloon
Celebrating the flight with champagne after landing and awarding of a diploma
Packing of the balloon after the flight is over
Transport from the landing site to the take off site
We take no responsibility for the vehicles or personal effects left at the meeting location prior to the flight and we are not to be held responsible if these are stolen or damaged, except for the case when the damage is caused through our fault and negligence.

The online reservation is non-reimbursable.

Hot air balloon flights are entirely dependent on weather and the weight of the load and are conditioned by the Romanian Aeronautical Authority. We may have to postpone a flight due to unfavourable weather conditions and problems related with the weight of the load that might endanger the flight or in case the flight is not approved by the RAA. The flight may also be postponed in case there are not enough passengers to fill up the balloon to its full capacity. We shall do our best to inform you in due time in case the flight needs to be postponed, but we reserve the right to inform you about any such situation at any given time until the hour set for the take off.
There may be situations when we need to change the take off location due to unfavourable weather conditions and the large number of passengers, in order for the flight to be a safe one, in accordance with the regulations of the Romanian Aeronautical Authority.

The flight is scheduled to last approximately 1 hour, but the pilot has the right to decide the duration and the way the flight unfolds, including the landing time and place. We cannot guarantee that a flight shall go in one given direction. In case the pilot feels that the duration of the flight should be shortened and/or that landing should take place in a location different to that of the take-off, he shall proceed as such, and this shall not imply that SC Netex Romania SRL is to pay any compensation or to refund any amount if money that has been paid.

We shall refund the money, less the administration costs, in any of the following circumstances:
If the person on whose name the reservation was made dies or presents him/herself with a medical certificate showing that he/she is no longer medically fit to fly (any other reason besides pregnancy) at least 2 weeks prior to the date the reservation was made for. The administration costs represent 60% of the total value of the reservation. We do not cover the costs for postponing the flight, in case the postponing is independent of us.

Your obligations towards us are:
Payment is made in full at the time of the reservation. You must call and check whether the flight has been postponed due to unfavourable weather conditions, in accordance with the instructions we provided.
In case you do not show up on time to take part in the flight, you shall not have the right to reschedule the flight or to have the money paid upon reservation refunded.
We are not qualified to say whether you are capable of flying or not.
You must make sure you are in good physical shape that allows you to fly. You must not fly if you suffer from a serious disease or if you recently underwent any surgery. If, nevertheless, you find yourself in either of these situations and you still wish to fly, please provide a medical certificate from your doctor stipulating that you are fit to fly. You must not fly if you are pregnant or if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You shall be asked to sign an affidavit before making the flight.
Our main concern is your safety and that of the other people taking part in the flight and you must comply with all the requirements and instructions received from any one of the representatives of SC Netex Romania SRL and make sure you follow our instructions with great care. The pilot has the right to deny you to take part in the flight if he feels you pose a threat to the balloon, the other passengers or even to yourself.
We do not take on board children under the age of 7 or with a height of less than 1.20 m. Children under 16 years of age shall only fly in the company of a responsible adult.
The total weight of passengers and pilot must not exceed 400 kg.

If you do not reserve the whole balloon but only individual seats, we can not guarantee that you can choose the other passengers you will fly with.
Exception: if you book in groups of 4 people.

By signing the present document I declare I agree with these terms and conditions that regulate hot air balloon flights organized and carried out by SC Netex Romania SRL.