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Take advantage of an unique opportunity to fly with a hot air balloon!

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Take advantage of an unique opportunity to fly with a hot air balloon!

Get flying!…with our hot air balloon

It is the safest form of flight and there is nothing to be compared with. It is not an extreme sport but a contemplative one. You will have a serene feeling as you move with the wind. The flights take place during dawn or dusk because the wind is at its calmest. You can fly at over 2000 m all the way to the national record of 10000 m. Considering the surroundings you can touch the leaves of trees or the water. You can escape your city without traveling too many kilometers. The balloon ride takes approximately 60 min. and ends with a champagne toast and diplomas. The price for flying with the hot air balloon is 100 EUR + VAT per passenger if the fly is from Monday to Friday and from 100 EUR + VAT to 120 EUR + VAT per passenger on week-end.


The flights with the balloon require specific licensing. Our personnel have all the licenses.

The Experience

We have a rich experience gathered over the years in Romania and abroad.


It is one of the first rules. Passenger insurance is mandatory.

The Transfer

The transfer of passengers to/from the place of flight is included.

Our Pilot

Is holder of international balloon pilot license.

The Equipment

We pay very much attention to the flight gear and equipments. We make sure they are all properly used and maintained.